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  • Hydropower Potential in Nepal

      Nepal has enormous resources of water for electricity generation that has remained untapped. Water from the Northern part of the country covered by snowy mountains, the perennial sources of water; middle mountains, spring sources of water; freefall to Southern plane in the form of 6000 large and small rivers. The high gradient of these rivers…
  • Opportunities

    A. Investors There are business opportunities in the hydropower sector to foreign investors and Non Residential Nepali (NRN). Some of the major benefits for foreign investors include: "As small hydropower developers focus on the need for energy in rural and decentralized areas and as a stimulus to rural industrial development, it is clearly an important contribution to poverty…
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    Arun Kabeli Power Limited

    Arun Kabeli Power Limited
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    Arun Valley Hydropower Development Co.Ltd. Unaudited Financial Results 4th Quarter…unaudited-financial-results
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    20th Annual Report20th-annual-report
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